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Trinitas is an independent South African private equity fund advisor, currently managing Trinitas Private Equity Fund I, an equity fund of R670m. It was founded in 2008 by the three founding executives - Andrew Hall, John Stipinovich and Soteris Theorides, who have worked together since 2001.

The fund’s stated ideal is a diverse portfolio of 7 – 10 investments, with an average investment of R70m per investment and a targeted IRR of 25% for its investors. The founding executives have positioned Trinitas as an investor in established mid-market business across all industry sectors. They target market leaders or significant players in their specific sector, ideally in industries with high barriers to entry. The fund has a preference for a minimum of significant influence, and will invest up to majority stakes in either growth capital transactions, or replacement capital transactions, including MBOs, (incorporating leverage), and MBIs.

With a long-term view of creating shareholder value, the investment team look for historically profitable companies with stable cash flows and strong management teams that recognise the importance of partnerships and welcome strategic expertise to corporatise their businesses and accelerate future growth, while understanding the imperative of strong corporate governance.

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